Residential Knox-Box

When a medical emergency strikes, help is only a call away. However, for those who live by themselves or have special mobility issues, what happens when they can’t get to the door to let first responders in?

Types of Users
The Knox-Box® Residential Program is ideal for individuals:
  • Living alone
  • Recuperating from a hospital stay
  • Residing in the area seasonally
  • Using an electronic calling/medical alert service
  • With a history of medical problems
What It Does
The Knox-Box® Residential Program enhances the Fire Department’s response times. A residential Knox-Box not only allows responders to enter a home unassisted, it also prevents forced entry damage and added stress to the patient.

Online Ordering
Online ordering click HERE
  • Enter "Clay Fire Territory" under the Department Name
  • Clay Fire requires eApproval by the one of the Fire Marshal's
  • Press "Proceed with Pre-Authorization Order"
  • Pick your product (Tamper Switch unit not required by Clay Fire)
  • Add to Cart and fill out all forms
  • Fire Marshal will be verify the order, if approved the order will completed and sent out.
  • Once the order arrived and installed, please call 574-272-2144 and schedule a time to install the key and lock the Knox-Box.
More Information
For more information, please visit the Knox website. You may also view the following documents: