Child Safety Seat Inspection

According to Safe Kids Worldwide, 73% of car seats are not used or installed correctly. Improper use of a child safety seat can result in injuries or death.

Safety Seat Inspection Program

The Automotive Safety Program and Indiana University School of Medicine, with funding from the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, has established a network of Child Safety Seat Inspection Stations where parents and caregivers can make an appointment to have their child safety seat inspected by a certified child passenger safety technician. The certified child passenger safety technician will:

  • Check for proper fit and proper installation
  • Evaluate the child's current restraint for recalls
  • Instruct the parent on how to properly use and install the child restraint

Free Service

& Locations

This is a free service, and we encourage all parents and caregivers to schedule an appointment to visit 1 of approximately 109 Child Safety Seat Inspection Stations located across Indiana. A complete listing of child safety seat inspection stations can be viewed at Indiana University's Automotive Safety page. You may also contact the Indiana Automotive Safety Program at 1-800-KID-N-CAR.

U.S. Car Seat Inspection Stations

Additional car seat inspection stations can be viewed at the InjuryPrevetion website.

More Information

& Scheduling

Please contact the Clay Fire Administrative Offices at 574-272-2144 for more information or to schedule a child safety seat inspection.

To schedule online click the LINK